Dialogues with community pioneers and schedule building

In weeks right before the meeting it is time to build schedule and talk to community pioneers.

Our gratitude to the community pioneers who talked to us:

Dev Anand Teelucksingh – At-Large Subcomittee of Outreach and Engagement – LACRALO – mentoring session w/ Malisa Richards – An incredible insight into how the RALOs work and an overview of how to engage in ICANN regionally

Maritza Aguero – At-Large LACRALO – Secretariat – mentoring session w/ Alexis Anteliz – A panorama on LAC action in ICANN through the regional RALO and its history as well as current scenario for the group and local ALSes

Martin Valent – GNSO NCSG NPOC – Vice-chair – mentoring session w/ Alexis Anteliz – A comprehensive presentation of ICANN structure and GNSO Non-Contracted Party House and its policymaking role, as well as NCSG NPOC and its history

Avri Doria – GNSO NCSG NCUC – WG NewGTLDs chair – mentoring session w/ Antonella Perini and Malisa Richards – ICANN structure from a civil society perspective taking also into account the relationship w/ GAC and other SO/ACs with an overview of working groups on the GNSO and current actions on NCSG NCUC

And we hope to add more!

Our schedules (a work always in progress)





Thank you!

Alexis Anteliz, Antonella Perini, Malisa Richards and Renata Aquino Ribeiro






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